View Full Version : Anyone have baldness in the family, but they themselves have good hair? (or reverse)

08-16-2015, 08:10 AM
Hi all,

My maternal grandfather passed away at age 82 with a full head of hair (but thinning). My paternal uncle has a full head of hair (but with thinning and temporal recession) - he's 65.

My dad is a NW5-6, but only began losing his hair (rapidly) at age 55 (he's 61 now). He has type II diabetes, heart problems, and a far more stressful lifestyle than his older brother (who has been retired for many years).

I'm 30, and a NW2 with temporal recession. I've noticed some thinning at my widow's peak too.

Just wondering what my chances are of going bald like my dad...

09-03-2015, 08:02 PM