View Full Version : I Need Help Getting Started!

08-13-2015, 06:47 PM
Hi all,

I joined the site in 2013, although I have not used the site until recently. I've been balding for 20 years. I suppose I'm a 4A on the Norwood scale, but I will need help determining that. I would like to educate myself on hair loss/regrowth and read your stories. I have been using 5% Minoxidil Rogaine foam 1/2 cap 2x a day on my crown since 2010. It seems to preventing further hair loss on my crown. I'm not open to hair systems (no offense) and not sure about taking Fin due to the high costs and potential side effects.

I really need some guidance on getting started. There seems to be a lot of options in regards to hair loss and regrowth. Based on what I read so far, it seems as much hair loss I've had FUT or FUE would be my best shot. I've attached two pics taken today.

Your thoughts please!