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08-11-2015, 03:13 AM
Hello guys, i'm 16 year old simply wondering if I'm going bald.

I'm pretty sure i have a receding hairline, but i wanted to ask just to be sure.
I also seem to be developing a bald spot on my crown which is devastating.
I want to point out that my father is also losing his hair, ( still losing, he is 45 years old) he has a huge bald spot and a receding hairline. Although he started to lose his hair in his thirties (or even later) while I'm only a teen.

I have some pics for you guys so hopefully you'll be able to help, thanks ! :)


08-11-2015, 08:07 AM
Hi there Bubba13! Welcome...

In looking at those photos you had posted, I do not see that you are balding!
Not at all!
You MAY be experiencing a maturing for your hair, there is a percentage of 16 year old males that do experience a maturing of their hairlines at that age too.
Bubba' as I have said to so many other young guys, First and foremost, do NOT become STRESSED OUT over anything in life,,especially in regards to your hair.
You are not balding at this point in time but if you and others FOCUS TOO MUCH on the possibilities and then become WORRIED or STRESSED out you WILL experience some hairloss.
That is a fact of life buddy,,,
Ive been on the earth a lot longer than you and I have experienced advanced hairloss due to STRESS.
I wasnt stressed out over my hair,,my life at that time many years ago now, was terrible.
Back to your point my young friend ,
I do not see balding in your pics, You must ACCEPT the fact that in getting older now, your hair will mature.
But dont allow it to advance by worry or stress.
Also, how is your HEALTH right now?
Are you eating properly?
Are you taking multivitamins?
Are you exercising?
Bubba, you may be seeing a change in your hair but more than likely NO ONE else around you(family/friends) notices a change at all.
You are SO YOUNG right now , unnecessary-over-emotions are commonplace for very young people like you.
When you reach into your mid-20s , you will have the ability to predict the consequences of your actions...
So please take in the advice given to you here.
We dont know each other but I do care for 'our' youth
I speak with commonsense and objectivity --just being honest.
If it did show that you were balding I would acknowledge it to you but--you are not at this point in time...

08-11-2015, 09:07 AM
I appreciate you replying, I really do. Let's just hope you're right :). Stress is a bitch, I'm a pretty pessimistic,overthinking person so being stressed out isn't new for me, let's just hope it won't cause too much hair damage. Sometimes hair loss can cause stress which then leads to more hair loss and well , an endless paradox. To answer the questions, well I'm in good health , i dont really eat 'properly' I guess, not a big fan of vegetables. If there are any vegetables that can make my hair stronger, please say. I'm not taking any multivitamins and since it's summer i am not exercising much, just sometimes recreatively with friends. Once again, thanks for the advice :)

08-11-2015, 11:24 AM
You do not seem to be balding.

But do you have greasy hair ? If you do, I'd recommend you use Nizoral ( Ketoconazole 1-2%) shampoo three times a week. It has some anti balding properties which could in case godforbid you do lose hair, slow it a bit down until you can jump on treatments.

So far you are just having high hairline and 0 balding. But keep can eye on it and post pictures in 3-6 months to re evaluate. I was in your age when I started balding, but i have strong balding genetics.

08-12-2015, 06:35 AM
Hi Bubba13 !
Your very welcomed my friend,, Tipsfedora gave you a good and honest response with helpful advice too!

Im glad that you are in good health.
Its OK that you are having good times with your friends,,later on restart your exercise regimen.
It doesnt have to be an overabundance of exercise either. Maybe 3 times a week doing 3 sets of basic exercise routines.

Thanks for your info-
"I'm a pretty pessimistic,overthinking person so being stressed out isn't new for me..."
That is understandable being that you are only 16 years old my friend BUT,
you must realize this....especially at your age, like everyone else, your brain is still developing.
The last part of your brain to develop 100% is the neo-cortex. (front part of your brain)
It completes growing around the age of your mid to late 20s.

Once that happens you will have complete mental foresight , the ability to predict the consequences of your actions...
That is not a criticism buddy- its a basic human truth about growing up from teen years to adulthood.
When you are at that adult age,,you will look back on this and know that those overemotional issues were unnecessary for you.

Again I want to say to you,
being pessimistic, overthinking and stressed out could only make your health and hair SUFFER.
That is a medical fact of life.

Sometimes, if there are issues that might be problematic for you,
you must 'step-back' from it and rethink those topics using commonsense-real commonsense-no assumptions.

08-12-2015, 11:31 AM
Thank you both for responding. I will listen to your advice, keep an eye on the hair, try to relax and well, hopefully it'll be alright.

08-12-2015, 11:37 AM
well, ill give you an HONEST answer and tell u ur starting to recede a little in the temples. friend in HS starting losing his at 15 so its entirely possible and his temples are where it started. I don't really see anything goin on with ur crown yet.