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08-09-2015, 01:35 PM
Hey everyone, I am 25 and I have been experiencing some serious changes with my hair and I do not know what to do. I've been really stressed out about it so I started to do some research. There is just so much info out there I don't know what to believe/what to try. This forum seemed helped to others so I figured I'd give it a shot. So I will describe whats been going on...

I have always had extremely nice hair...for years I styled it using hair spray or gel. I was always told I have a thick head of hair by my barbers. But back in March I noticed a very small spot in the middle of my forehead that looked a little thin. I wasn't sure what to make of it but then I noticed my hair in the front wasn't growing nearly as fast as the back (this was particularly evident because I spike the front of my hair up). I was getting a little nervous but I didn't have a receding hair line at all and my barber said it was most likely breakage. But then in April/May I noticed a change in the texture of my hair in the front...when wet it was extremely course and dry. Then I noticed my crown was beginning to feel the same way (no thinning though). Then my right temple started to recede a bit. I had an appointment with a dermatologist in late June and she looked at me like I was crazy because it wasn't noticeable to anyone else. She barely examined my hair and told me to follow up in September. The thinning in the front progressively became worse in July. Note: Throughout this entire time my hair hadn't really been falling out (pretty much only when I was obsessing over it and nervously plucking it). But the thinning accelerated to a point where I can definitely notice it when wet and the texture of my entire head has changed to coarse. I can't style my hair at all (starting in mid July) because no product takes (it dries right up) and conditioner doesn't even help. My hair is always dry and kind of itchy at times. The left temple has maybe receded slightly but the right has definitely receded. It seems like it doesn't really fit under any category as it has elements of both diffuse thinning and mpb. Now my hair is so dry that it is falling out easily when pulling it. And the texture of my hair has changed all over my head. I have no idea what I have and I don't know what to do. Fortunately I feel like I noticed it early because I don't think anyone else can notice (unless in the direct sun or when its wet)...

A few other things worth noting- Genetics: My mom's dad had a full head of hair his whole life, but two of my uncles on her side are completely bald but the other uncle has hair and he is 50. My dad is bald and his dad is bald. Also, I do have extreme anxiety issues. I put myself through a lot of stress. I've worked with inner city youth for three years and work two jobs on top of that. I had a really bad anxiety attack where I had to be hospitalized back in December...Anyways, I digress...If anyone could offer their opinion/advice it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

08-11-2015, 05:17 AM
Sounds more like a "stress / lifestyle" problem than anything but...
before jumping too quick on minox or finasteride, first I'd try:
- Using high quality shampoos like Regenepure DR + NT (DR alone maybe dries hair on certain people) or Lipogaine big3. Or any good shampoo without sulfate and with ketoconazole.
- Use coconut oil for massaging the scalp (add some essential oils if you want, like rosemary, lavender, ylang ylan, etc.. plenty of good EO for healthy scalp and also they have smells that calm you and sometime even remove stress, for some people. Not me... but I'm not a stressed person anyway, lol).
- Also search for the various use of aloea vera for you hair (there is some in Regenepure DR anyway). It is not a miracle product but it is good for the scalp.
- Eat healthy, less sugar, drink less alcohol and don't smoke. Seriously, I know I always bring this up but to me those are the most important steps. You could put all the oils and products you want on your head but if you don't help your body first, they'd probably not work very well.

So if you're stressed, have health problem, eat sandwiches with coca everyday and smoke... try to solve those problems first and your hair will probably thank you.

But it all depends if you really are at the early stage of a severe MPB. It does not sound like it is, from what you're saying, plus you're already 25 and severe male pattern baldness starts even younger. But it could be MPB anyway, perhaps not severe, but MPB nonetheless.
There are people who have a healthy life style and take care of their hair who go bald anyway, sure, but if you really take care of the situtation now, you'll see in 6 months or one year if the hair are in better shape or not.
If you do everything you can to improve the situation and if it is worse in the end... then either learn to live with it, or go minox + fin...