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08-07-2015, 05:54 AM
Hi there,

I'm 40 year old man, in London. Noticed a month ago that hair around crown is quickly disappearin!. Ive looked around on web. Seems to be lots of options, but,I am not very trusting. Does any of this stuff really work, or, is it just snake-oil? I mean, if hairloss could be fixed, then why so many bald men ??? Boots sell some stuff -- any one tried it? Am thinking of a seeing a dcotor in London. Any recommendations of a clinc?

08-07-2015, 02:47 PM
I'm not sure of the specific things you've seen listed, but yes - a lot of products/treatments that claim to regrow your hair are snake-oil.

The only two products clinically proven to work are Rogaine and Propecia. Aside from these products, you're other best option is a hair transplant. That's the only "permanent" solution to hair loss.

I would suggest you set up an appointment with a Hair Transplant surgeon who can evaluate your hair loss and let you know what your options are for restoring your hair. Dr. Farjo is an excellent place to start if you're in London. Their rep on this board is "Pete from Farjo". Get in touch with him and see what they can do for you.

And yes - The good news in all of this is that there are options. And the fact that you're just now starting to lose your hair at 40 is a very good sign.

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