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08-06-2015, 11:36 PM
so im 19 years old and i started to notice my hair starting to shed alot more about 8/9 months, i didnt do anything about it because i thought it was from stress of starting university. i got my blood work done and found out i have hypothyroidism, this came to no surprise to me as everyone in my family has it and i thought id have it to. so im pretty sure my hair loss is from thyroid however my dad is almost completly bald but he started in his 30/s and i havent even hit my 20s yet. ive started on thyroid medication 1 month ago and it hasnt really helped me so far in regards to hair loss. my hairline and hair loss is getting worse by the months. Can someone please suggest something that works with hypothyroid patients like myself that stops hairloss from shedding. please anyone with experience on thyroid help me out. i will not try finasstride or whatever its called or any harsh medication like that which has severe side affects.

08-07-2015, 09:48 AM
Here's the best way to boost your thyroid production and get more HGH into your system.
When you wake in the mornings, before you eat anything or drink coffee(water is fine), go for a morning run. You want to warm up for a few minutes then work up to 8 sets of 30 seconds sprints with cool down jogging I between each sprint. Depending on your physical conditioning you might need to work up to the 8 sets.
Then don't eat anything for 1 hour to 1:30mins. What this does is force your thyroid to produce HGH and other essential hormones. How?.... Your body will be starved for energy at this time and there's nothing in your stomach so your thyroid is forced to produce hormones your body needs. You can actually feel the moment your thyroid starts pumping hormones. It's like a burst of energy, like drinking an expresso almost.
When you do eat, try to avoid carbs and eat lean protein such a 2 hard boiled eggs. Carbs will signal the thyroid to stop producing where protein won't.