View Full Version : someone explain to me what is happening!!!

08-06-2015, 01:37 PM
I have been on fin for 5 months. I have been shedding normal-heavy the entire time, but I just think I am a heavy shedder. I see a lot of new hairs coming in, but my hairline and crown have diffused a lot while on fin. I am sticking with it, but there are a few weird things happening that I DON'T UNDERSTAND -

I have been getting weird scalp sensations lately - slight burning, tingling and very occasional itching.... BUT, when it happens, if I place my hand on my crown area and move my scalp around for 30 seconds, like a massage, IT COMPLETELY GOES AWAY.

I have been laying here for the last 30 minutes and have tested this 8 times. Burning, tingling, move my scalp around... completely gone... then it slowly returns 2-4 minutes later... ANYONE HAVE SIMILAR EXPERIENCES?