View Full Version : Dr. Dauer Patient- FUE 1876 Grafts After 8 Months

Marc Dauer, MD
08-05-2015, 11:45 AM

Here is a patient of mine with very fine hair type who received 1876 grafts via FUE to the frontal and mid scalp.

I personally harvested the grafts with a motorized 0.8mm punch.

The results here are shown after 8 months. The patient should see some increased density over the next 3-6 months as the hairs thicken with continued growth.

There is some slight asymmetry to the hairline, but that existed prior to the procedure and I did not change the location of the hairline. I added density just posterior to the hairline extending back to the crown, especially in the "alleys" which were very thinned out as seen in the side views.

In my view, in a younger patient (this patient is 30) with a possibility of severe hair loss in the future and limited donor reserves, it is always preferable to keep a mature hairline and create as much density as possible in the areas of hair loss. In addition, I did not want to over harvest donor follicles on this initial procedure so that I have reserves for the future when significantly more native hair loss presents.

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