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08-05-2015, 05:37 AM
Questions by indian18s friend:

1)Is it natural and common for temple hair to be frizzy and softer than the other hair? Like, I 'm easily able to push up some hair in the front but my temple hair doesn't go straight up. it goes to the side. In a kind of soft manner. It kind of slides on the rest of the hair. When I force it to stand up straight it appears very frizzy and makes it appear thin under bright lights. But I posted a photo of the left temple region with grease and people here said no thinning. And this looks like that only on my left temple. Is this MPB or could this be happening because I always part on my left temple and have always "trained" it to slide over the hair.

Left temple picture: 40938

Is it just me or is it common for hair to behave like this.

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You asked for a doc and it's not even been an hour yet. Relax.

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It doesn't matter if it is a doc. You can also answer. I just requested a doc to answer if he sees the post and if he wants to answer

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JayM, if you want to please do answer.

Added Information: When I buzzed my hair the temple regions were similar to the rest of my hair and NOT SOMETHING LIKE IN THIS LINK : https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/threads/20408-Baby-hair-on-side-of-my-temple-not-growing-as-faster.
I'm sorry for using that link like that. But please forgive me as I couldn't find other examples atm. Sorry if anyone feels offended...
So, I just wanted to put that out as well...

Thank you

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The temples looks fine :) and yes hair can be thinner in the temples. You really have nothing to worry about here. I don't know what more to say man like it doesn't look like you are even thinning. You need to post pictures with wet hair, different angles and pulling back your hairline for us to gauge. If you have already posted these then I would take the advice given.

08-06-2015, 04:49 AM
Yeah it is. Baldingblog has a lot of answers regarding this. It is normal for the leading edge of the hairline to have miniaturization or vellus hair or whatever. It shouldn't go deep inside your hairline. And yes it is possible and I think that is how your hair in the left temple behaves I guess. It looks like there is no thinning so it must be just the way your hair is...

08-06-2015, 12:38 PM
Anymore views please! Please reply with regard to my very first question about it appearing thin under harsh bright light and me not able to lift it up straight like the right side hair. Is it just my hair characteristic?

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anybody at all?

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Why are you on a hair loss forum?

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Because I need more answers for my question....

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I'm indian18's friend. I can't keep using for so much time that's why I'm being so irritating... Sorry if anyone feels to irritated... :(:(:(

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Unsatisfied with all the replies until now?

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No not like that.But I need more views and opinions on my question :( Sorry if I'm being to irritating

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That's exactly what my hair looked like, then it took a turn for the worse and a few months later I was a NW7.