View Full Version : ARTAS huge milestone 20 000 000 hairs harvest! Gregory Turowski , MD Chicago

Gregory Turowski, MD
08-04-2015, 07:09 PM
I am pleased to see this huge milestone in robotic hair revolution. As one of the pioneers of the robotic hair transplant I personally contributed several hundreds of thousands to this number. Obviously procedure works and has more and more following. See our extensive before and after gallery at wwwSmartHairTransplant.com
We are pleased to announce the latest milestone for the ARTAS Robotic System – 20,000,000 hairs harvested! This major accomplishment confirms the dramatic accelerated patient interest in actively pursuing and specifically requesting the ARTAS Robotic Procedure.
To put this in perspective, our first 10M harvested hairs milestone was produced from 2006-October 2014, nearly eight years! Our second 10M harvested hairs took only 9 months to achieve! The momentum continues to build exponentially.