View Full Version : Vinci Hair Clinic

08-04-2015, 03:54 AM

your satisfaction is not their goal. taking your money and screwing you over is their goal.

Im an orthopedic dr, so I know what im talking about

i had a procedure 1yr ago. they told me everything i wanted to hair. Ideal candidate, 9000 hairs, guaranteed hair growth.

during the procedure i could see them whispering to each other and tapping their watches. they threw away most of the extracted hairs.

after that most of the hair fell out and did not grow and they admit they only transplanted 3000.

after taking my money, they ignored my emails and my concerns and left me with a huge humilating scar which is the only difference on my head! they replied after i sought legal advise

I regret going with them, i should have paid more and gone with someone else

this is my caution to you guys. WARNING. Avoid