View Full Version : Minoxodil and Propecia Q

01-21-2010, 03:35 AM
I just had my HT, as any of you who frequent the HT thread know, and have spoken with my doc about possible options to KEEP the rest of my hair.

I had issues with the full dosage of propecia (tapioca-like stuff in my semen) about 2 years ago and stopped. Minoxodil, at about the same time (rogaine's--i think 10%) and it was sticky, difficult to apply to my longer (2-3 inch long) hair, and dried leaving a horrid film.

Now with that said, I spoke with the doc and decided to cut the original dosage of propecia in half to see if I can gain SOME results from it without the side effects, but I am still wanting to use minoxodil.

Do any of you know of cheaper versions of minox that is higher than 10%, comes in the form of a lotion or something that doesn't dry so horribly nasty, and has a nice price?
Are there any places I could purchase these products at a reduced price? I would even buy them in bulk if necessary.

Any advice or personal experiences would be appreciated. Oh, and also I am planning on adding saw palmetto as it can't HURT, and is proven healthy for my prostate :D

thanks again fellas. :eek: