View Full Version : HairMax LaserComb Scam!!! I fell for the Laser scam!.

01-20-2010, 09:02 PM
If you have never seen this video put out by Dr, Alan Feller you need to see it. HairMax and other laser companies are making millions off junk science. This proves it!


01-27-2010, 08:18 PM
I watched this video before as well..but i m just not too convinced.

Different lasers have different kind of wavelength, hence different power..such as laser used in hospital for operational usage, laser used in metal industry to cut metal etc...you cant really use jus one type of laser to determine whether it is penetrable or not.

Not that I believe in lasercomb, but this experiment is jus not convincing enough.

Dr. Feller
01-28-2010, 03:05 PM
Wavelength and output power are independent and have no bearing on the presentation in the video.

You have mish-mashed two concepts in your comment so I will try to help you understand.

There are two kinds of lasers used in the medical world.

The kind used in hospitals are for aiming, cutting, burning, and coagulating. They get deep into tissue by destructively burning their way in. The laser hits the surface, it collapes from laser to standard monchromatic light, heat is created, and the tissue is destroyed layer by later in such rapid succession that it APPEARS to be "cutting" through like an invisible knife.

The second kind is used for hair removal. But in the case of this device the laser is only used as a more efficient means of transmitting the light from the machine through free space to the skin. In the years before laser hair removal pulsed bright light was used to fry the follicles, but there was considerable loss in the space between the machine and the skin because light naturally spreads out immediately after being created.

Laser light, also known as columnated light, does NOT spread out appreciable in free space and so acts as a more efficient energy transmiter-but only between the machine and the skin-NOT within the skin. Once laser light strikes the epidermis, it instantly collapes to regular monochromatic light.

So to the follicle, it doesn't know if the skin around itself was hit with pulsed bright light or pulsed laser light because by the time the energy got to it's surface they were indistinguishable.

There is no "third" kind of laser used in hospitals. That is, there are no "healing" lasers that use a heretofore unkown mystical mechanism. This concept is absurd, but amazingly it forms the basis for the entire LLLT pseudoscientific industry. Such is quackary.

Dr. Feller