View Full Version : Finasteride result poll

07-31-2015, 08:30 PM
It seems like most threads I read on people starting finasteride start with an emotional rollercoaster and then the thread just dies... no follow up, no results.

MANY of us that are just starting fin want to know REAL timelines of actual users that have been on this stuff for a while now. We need some hope to stick with it.

So, if anyone wants to provide a brief timeline (detailing every 3 to 6 months) while on the medication, PLEASE do so. I am almost 5 months in and am seeing hopeful signs and discouraging ones. Any information or input is SINCERELY APPRECIATED.

To get it started, here is mine:

Months 1-3 : slight libido change, mild scalp sensations, normal-heavy shedding, start to see new growth along the hair line

Month 4: I think I am seeing new growth every where throughout the hair line, but it is small and thin. My crown has taken a big hit and moved forward... increased diffuse thinning throughout scalp. Still mild scalp sensations. Mild, occassional itching. I hope to God these little hairs turn terminal, or my hair is done for.