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hell fire and brimstone
07-31-2015, 08:18 AM
hello everyone,
This post is for Those who are going going through a living hell called 'Post finastride syndrome'. Having been to this place and coming back from it, I now consider it a moral duty to hepl those who have not healed in whichever way I can.

Here's my journey

I had taken finastride for 1 and a half years. It had its benefits but reflecting back i think I could have used other options rather. Anyways, one night like a bolt from the Blue my dick just gave up on me!! Next few days a frantically browsed the interwebs for any help I could get. i read a lot of horror stories which just piled on the agony. However On the third day after qiiting fin. cold turkey My dick showed signs of life! and in the next couple of days my soilder was up and running. Hallelujah!! The Merks were right...Whats with the jerks writing about lives being destroyed and not being able to have sex ever again, living like zombies!! This I Thought. However this Was only a trailer to movie more cruel than SAW

hell fire and brimstone
07-31-2015, 10:33 AM
...After a happy and virile 15 days I had a crash down, My dick again went limp. I thought like before it will get better in 2-3 days however after day 5 also my apparatus was a good as dead. I also had a slight pain in my testicles(not unbearable though). I again went nuts over the internet searching for anything that gave me hope. It was then I came across a post that showed similar symptoms and the guy had become normal after 10 months. This info. was like a piece of land in an ocean of doubt and uncertainty for me. I crossed my fingers an geared up for a 10 month long struggle. I stopped masturbating or rather tried to and also followed a routine(details of which i'll give if anyone is interested) now its been 12 days after the crash and......I Have gone from no libido to 95% back to my old self!! MY LITTLE BUDDY IS BACK IN ACTION!!

This was a overview of my story. I'll post the details if anybody asks. And will be glad to answer and motivate you.

This is my first post in forums like these and I am writing this true story to encourage those who are still in doubt because I have felt exactly what you are going through I also thought my life was over and I didn't have the financial resources to afford the supplements that people write about in forums like these. So I tried to formulate a regime and routine of my own just by doing research on internet which I'll love to share with you guys if you are intrested.