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07-31-2015, 06:41 AM
After suffering with hair loss for 5 years I tried all kind of cure and medicine unfortunately couldn't stop hair loss. At first I was always kept my self away from hair transplantation because scared all kind of surgery. After a while I started to searching in internet about that hair transplantation treatment, surgery, side effects etc. Surprisingly my every search Turkey was coming as an result of hair transplantation surgery. It took me approx. 3 -4 months to convince myself for this treatment even-though watching all videos, forums, comments etc. Than I have decided to contact one of hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. Unfortunately I faced language problem even after trying other hair transplantation centers as well.It looks like nobody knows English in this country. However after a long and hard try I found one of clinics who has English speaker representative too, and asked all question I had in my mind he satisfied me with all his answer. When I asked them price he couldn't gave me exact price and confused me with all inclusive /exclusive, per grave based pricing tariff. When I asked him if you do fue method of hair transplantation how do I know you used 1500 graft even I paid 3000 graft price according your consultation. Which was doubling the cost. Anyway, we have decided with fixed price with hotel, transfers, hair transplantation, before and after medicine etc. Price was 3500 USD which sound me reasonable. Than we made all arrangement and after 2 weeks I went to Istanbul. My first disappointment was waiting almost one hour at the airport to someone come and pick me up. I called few times every time he was lying and saying driver is on the way. Than driver picked me after one hour, first day I will be take rest for few hours and I will go to their clinic for consultation and next day he will execute the operation. I was expecting they will be accommodate me in a hotel which what we deal, but they took me furnished guest house. It was second disappointment. With noisy neighbors, tiny bed, and self service I tried to ask driver but he didnt understand me anyway. I contact again with their representative to fix it,he told me the hotel fully booked which they have agreement, its only today I will be staying their guest hose and next they they will shift me the hotel. Next day driver came and took me to their office in city center. After consultation and a lot of apologizes first they moved me hotel and then they made blood tests, and prepared me for tomorrow. My second day was waiting that big day for me it was my third disappointment, the hair transplantation operation will be in their office room with they convert as an operation room. Of course I refused to have an operation in a room which I already had phobia about surgery. They tried to convince me by showing another patient in another room having hair transplantation operation. I was freak out and refused operation but he threatened me with not paying my back my money. I told him I will call police and complain to health authorization as well. Than they scared and paid my money back after reducing hotel, transfer charges etc. I was regretted made that decision to hair transplant. After leaving from their office I moved another hotel name is Anthill Fraser Hotel. While I was waiting for check-in I saw a few of Arabs was there too with bandage on their had. And I asked them what happened because I never saw before hair transplant. I was so happy to see them and we talked about their operation and asked them a lot of question adn talked about my experience and asked them where they did operation. He told me in same tower Anthill, Adam&Havva, Madam Safiye. Actually I heard their name when I was searching on internet but unluckily I didn't contact them. Anyway after my check in I went their office and met Madam Safiye. She has given me another consultation as well with fixed price. And the way she was talking it was just inspiring confidence even though we are communicating with translator. Of course my first question was where are you going to do operation, and they told me surely it will be fully equipped hospital. And I told them my experience with another hair transplantation center. Than one of their staff took me to show hospital. The hospital itself made me feel better. And I took appointment after two days after insisting to work in to do hair transplantation. At the day of operation we went to hospital with her and her team to hospital. With all arrangement and lovely translator it took almost 5 hours. After operation she has given me all direction to how to be aware or take care of my self and my hair. Next day I went the hospital again for removing bandages, and she has done PRP , given shampoos, medicine, lotions etc. After my third day I traveled back Dubai. They kept call and asked me how I am and if I have any problem and so. I was so glad to meet her even accidentally and very successful operation and very happy with my new hairs and style with even half price if I compare with my first contacted unprofessional hair transplantation center.
You can see the pictures before HT and after HT result with 6 months