View Full Version : Questions about the start of my journey

07-26-2015, 05:46 PM
Hello everyone,

First I wanted to say thank you for all of the information on this website and for everyone that has shared their experiences. It has been a big help in my journey and finding information on hair loss.

I am 24 years old and my hairline started receding when I was probably 17-18 years old. It's hard to tell when it really got bad because I just never cared. Even about a year or so ago I was getting my hair cut when the lady said "there's some recession going on here", referring to my hairline. I responded with something like "Yea I know, but it's always been like that." At least that is what it felt like.

It wasn't until I got a haircut earlier this year (January 2015), when I REALLY noticed what was going on and started to freak out. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. I went from never paying attention to any guys hairlines to that being the first thing you notice about someone. I hate it. My hairline has receded pretty well, I would say I'm somewhere around a NW 2-3. I think the top of my head has thinned as well and the "cowlick" on my crown is really noticeable to me in certain angles of light. My dad has a receded hairline with some thinning but he is almost 60 and he had more hair on his head after 30 years of age than I do now. My moms dad and brother were both bald, so I'm thinking I got their side of the genes.

Anyways, I started to really look into hair transplants recently because I don't want to accept the baldness. I have a really big head and always had a big forehead, so it is more pronounced on me. I live in South Florida and found Dr. Glenn Charles and was quoted for 1600-1800 grafts strictly for the hairline. I am against FUT, so I am looking to do an ARTAS FUE procedure. Any thoughts on Dr. Charles? I've done a lot of research, especially on this forum, and most of it seems to be positive about him. There are a few people that did not get the results they wanted and I think I even saw one guy that didn't get any results at all. I'm wondering how that could happen? It would suck to put this much money into something (especially on your body) and not get any results. It's not that I doubt Dr. Charles, I am just trying to be as thorough as possible before I make this decision.

Another thing: I have done a lot of research on finasteride and some of it is pretty spooky. But I figured I wouldn't know how my body will respond until I at least try it. If it works it could buy me some time until I need the next transplant (which I see as inevitable since I am so young). My questions are: Which tests should I get done before I start the medication? PSA? Hormone levels? What would be acceptable levels to start the medication? Does anyone start with 0.5mg a day and halt progression/see results (after a year or more)?

Thanks again everyone. I will keep pictures on file and share with everyone when I get a chance. Especially before I start any medication or go in for a HT.