View Full Version : Just started finasteride

01-19-2010, 11:06 AM
I just wanted to post that I had a very good experience with my dermatologist! He talked about propecia for a bit then said, "I think you will have good results with finasteride." Basically I told him I was in school and didn't really have the finances to cover the cost of propecia and so he gave me the prescription for 5mg finasteride. I then went straight over to my local walmart and got 7 months of generic 5mg tablets for $77. I'm cutting them into halves since they are really tiny pills, but thats still a years worth of finasteride for an extremely reasonable price!

I will post in a month or so if I experience any side effects or not. Now I wait and see if any results appear! I will also post some new pictures later on down the road if there is a noticable increase in density.