View Full Version : Hair density and recession

07-21-2015, 05:34 AM
Just wondering if anyone anyone has been in the same boat as me. I'm almost 25. I have quite thick head of hair but some some medium recession at the temples. My hair is normally of a medium/long length, and by long i mean casual long, not rock band long and i would look like the furthest person from balding. Just curious on the balance between hair density and recession? Majority of people on here when they send through photos up top you can see instantly they're either balding or going to go bald. I would say my recessions pretty stable, hasn't change (well not to the naked eye) in years.

My family history is pretty solid, my dads in his 50s has very similar hair to mine, dark high dense hair, his hairline hasn't even receded like mine though. mums dad has a full head of hair and my dads dad ended up with a widows peak as he matured and by old age had lost the front half of his hair but didn't go completely bald with a bald spot.