View Full Version : Planning a future HT if meds continue to work?

07-17-2015, 12:03 AM
Hey all, I've been reading more into HT's as of lately because I might want to get some work done to restore my hair line.

I'm currently 17 y/o and I'm somewhere between a NW2 and NW3 with decent density (although I am thinner in my crown and vertex than I am on the sides of my head). In October i will get a new examination, but in October 2014 I had 220 hairs/cm2 in my crown, something like 180 or 190 hairs/cm2 mid mid and 170 hairs/cm2 mid front. Those numbers are pretty much on the lower end of the spectrum unfortunately, but my hair density (esp when styled) looks pretty decent if I say so myself.

However, my hair line has receded a little bit and I would like to get it back to a full NW2 if possible. I realize two things: 1) I'm way too young to get a HT atm and 2) If I do decide to get a HT, I should aim for a very conservative hair line as I don't want to get too low, which can look weird as I age or/and as I continue to bald.

I'm currently on dutasteride, minoxidil and RU and that should be a pretty solid regime. I also have an idea of my balding process, as my father was a NW5 somewhere in his early or mid twenties and went on to become a NW7 not much later. My older brother is also balding over his whole scalp but he's on meds so he's able to slow it down although his balding is already pretty significant, esp for his age (early twenties, very diffuse NW2)

So even though I'm probably heading to NW7 area without meds, would it be a good idea to get some work done if I can halt my hair loss for the next 3-5 years with my current regime? Maybe there are new, better treatments available by that time but nobody knows this so I don't really count on it. Can you guys help me a bit with this problem? Again, I know I'm very young but maybe if my meds prove to be very effective, a HT might be possible? Or am I being straight up delusional right now?

07-18-2015, 10:49 AM
I hate reading stories like yours for two reasons. First, I was in the same spot. I had my thinning crown pointed out to me in the lunch room in high school, senior year! Second, it just sucks to have to deal with this issue at such a young age.

Let's break this down. You have a high probability of hitting NW7 status. Your father is there and you are losing hair in your teens and your brother also is showing signs of a similar future. Meds may hold you but if they do for three to five years that means at most you'll be 22 if your plan includes surgery. I think that you should continue with what works for you now, keep styling the way you are since you are happy with that style and if it gets worse embrace the shaven look. I know it sounds like a cop out but it really can help you to reduce your stress levels about your hair loss. By all means continue your meds (under doctor supervision) but if you start to see progression in your hair loss in the form of your visible balding pattern becoming more visible then you'll know that surgery just might not be in the cards for you. You can certainly consider new treatments in the future when, not if, they come out but if you can find comfort in the shaven option then you don't have to waste so much energy on fighting a potentially losing battle.

07-18-2015, 11:24 PM
Thanks for responding Joe, if there's anyone out there that knows a lot about hair loss (esp regarding HT's and dealing with it mentally), it's you.

You're most probably right about a HT not being suited for me given that I'm probably heading to a NW7 and because I'm still so young. I guess deep down I know this myself as well but it just sucks to see how the reality actually is. I will continue meds like you said and I really hope they're effective (I'm on quite a strong regime so I guess it might be possible for me to hold out a few years) but if they're not effective or lose their effectiveness in a couple of years, I'll have to resort to shaving and won't follow through with a HT.

About shaving it off when the time comes, I have been struggling with this a lot. It's def not necessary atm but as with my father and brother, this might change within a few years. I'm 17 and I only really got into dating etc since this last year, so I feel like it's really unfair for me to get such a big disadvantage in my love life so soon. Sure, there's more than looks but everybody at my age is really shallow so it often feels really hopeless. I've been through therapy but it's been marginally effective, I'm still looking for a way to accept myself. Hopefully things will get less bad when I'm more grown up, something I feel I'm forced to do much faster because of balding.

Thanks again for responding, I really appreciate it.