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Dr. Kapil Dua
07-16-2015, 05:18 AM
A 26 yr old male presented with the complaint of minimal hair in the beard region.
He was advised Beard & moustache reconstruction by FUE technique. During the slit making, a special effort was made to give it a natural look by giving a convex look to the upper layer of the grafts in the cheek and higher density in the moustache & goatee area as compared to the rest of the parts. The implantation was slightly difficult as compared to the scalp because the slits get closed and took more time. Otherwise, the surgery was uneventful. The patient was advised semisolids for the day of surgery after discharge as there might be some effect of anesthesia on the face which might cause drooling of saliva.

This patient was very happy and is planning another session to make the beard even more dense 2 years after the first sitting.

Deatils of Procedure:
Date of Procedure= 25-OCT-2012
Procedure = FUE
Grafts = 2300
Age = 26 yrs

To see below before, immediate post-op and after result pictures:



After Results