View Full Version : Forming new hair follicales

07-15-2015, 12:59 PM
Just had a thought. I've read multiple times that we can't form "New" hair follicles. We only have the hair follicles we are born with.....
Then how come, when I started to lose the hair on my head, did hair start growing on my shoulders and back? I never had hairs on my shoulders and back till I was well into my 20's. Were those hair follicles always there but just dormant? Don't think that would be the case but according to all the papers I've read, the only way I have shoulder and back hair is if the follicles were there at birth and waiting until I started losing the hair on my scalp to grow.
Why would hair follicles wait 25 or so years to start growing? I wonder if a test could be performed on teenage men with MPB family members to see if they have hair follicles on their back and shoulders. If they don't and they end up growing hair on their shoulders and back that would mean the body has the ability to create new hair follicles!!
Can anyone shed some light on my ignorance of this issue? Why does hair on your back wait till the time you start to bald to grow? I know, DHT is behind it but that would mean I had hair follicles on my back from birth that waiting 25 years to grow. Just seems unlikely...

07-15-2015, 01:08 PM
Body hair follicles were waiting for high DHT levels I guess :D