View Full Version : A couple of Rogaine concerns/questions

07-15-2015, 06:42 AM
Hi, fellow alopecia fighters,

since I started Rogaine and Propecia a few weeks ago, I developed a bad and bumpy behind my ears, on my lobes, on the ears, even inside the canal. Sometimes it's itchy, mostly it's just hot and a little sensitive.

Now, I have googled this, and it seems this would be from the Rogaine. A lot of reports on that exact same phenomenon. Don't think it's from Propecia - would you agree?

Now, my questions are:

1) Should I just stick with the Rogaine until this clears? Will this go away? Or is this the kind of reaction where - once you have it, you will keep reacting this way?

2) Since you guys know Rogaine, can you tell me: am I getting this because Rogaine directly enters in contact with that area? (obviously, I'm not consciously applying it there, but some may be ending up there by contact) Or is Rogaine the type of drug where, if you apply it in one place (the scalp), it can cause reactions in a different place (the ears)?

My other questions are also concerning Rogaine, but not the Rash phenomenon

3) Does Rogaine only benefit the areas you are applying it to? I.e. if I happen to be forgetting one little patch, and everywhere else were to react positively and show regrowth, would that patch stay unaffected. Is it like Sunscreen in that way? Or is it like topical Magnesium?

4) Is it true what it says on the boxes that Rogaine only works in the crown? I have been applying it to all of my scalp. Why would they write something that specific if it weren't true? Any chance Rogaine can bring back hair on the side of your head, or fill in the temples again?

Many thanks,