View Full Version : Wake Forest new topical & US Army

07-14-2015, 01:59 PM
Not sure if anyone follows the hair2020 blog but the author is pretty switched on and writes well - http://www.hairlosscure2020.com/

Anyways he references a new product that is being trialled by Wake Forest University, which is possibly linked to work the US Army is doing on MBP http://www.wakehealth.edu/BeInvolved/StudyInfo.aspx?study=IRB00029970&title=Study

Anyone here near this uni and able to enrol? Would be great to get in on the ground floor of something potentially quite big

07-14-2015, 02:12 PM
The author is switched on because we already have a thread on it. He read it here :). And Yeh someone applied but they are full sadly.

07-14-2015, 03:58 PM
Do we know anything about what it is or the method it will work by?

07-14-2015, 10:48 PM
Not quite. Check out the 'us government owns patent for hairneogenisis' it's in there :)