View Full Version : Middle Part or thinning?

07-13-2015, 07:41 PM

I am new to the forums. I have never grown my hair this long before so I do not know whether I am beginning to bald or if this is just a natural middle part. My hair line seems fine and doesn't seem like it has receded. Any help is appreciated.


07-13-2015, 11:43 PM
Looking at your center portion of head it seems fine and natural. So it is okay if you are growing your hair. Just keep on changing the line of parting your hair. Your parting line wont become prominent in this manner.

07-16-2015, 12:12 AM
Thanks for your input. There seems to be less hair down the middle where my part is when I slick my hair back. Is that normal? Also, is my crown thinning? http://i59.tinypic.com/9kwcuu.jpg