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07-11-2015, 04:33 PM
Hi, friends. I need your help to get the straight dope.

I am 42 years old. 6 years ago, my doctors put me on testosterone after discovering mine was really low: (total T 241 ng/dL, free T 1.4 pg/mL). he put me on 200mg/cc of testosterone every 10 days.

I felt better, more energetic (a little too energetic, if you know what I mean…) BUT, after two and a half years, I suddenly realized, I had lost about 50% of my hair, perhaps more. Why didn't I notice this before? Well, I was very busy professionally, I had crazy long, very curly hair, and it just wasn't so noticeable. In retrospect, it seems crazy, I pulled the hair while sitting at the computer. Every time I went through it I had ten hairs in my hand. But I just though that it was simply more noticeable, because my hair was longer, and thought this must be normal or I don't know. I was STUPID. Anyway, I suddenly realized what had happened. I'd gone from having the most amazing head of hair (probably because of the low T - my father was pretty much bald by the time he was my age, so was my maternal grandfather) to having not so much, but still enough to not look 15 years older. But let's say, I was at least looking my age hair wise.

Now, a few years have passed in which I was very depressed over my own stupidity.

BUT now I am feeling so tired on the low testosterone, and have zero initiative to do any kind of sports, that I'm getting quite heavy. While I was on the T, sports was no effort.

So I talked to my doctor again, and he told me just to go on propecia. That would keep the hair loss at bay. That and Rogaine. He says those are the only two that work anyway. Everything else is fairytales and marketing and wishful thinking. Or a cherry on top of Propecia and Rogaine.

So now he has me back on 200mg of Testosterone per week. I take a 1mg tablet of Arimidex per week (an aromatase inhibitor that actually prevents bitch tits/gynecomastia which is also a side effect of propecia, but comes very frequently with testosterone) I take 1mg tablet of Propecia daily, and apply 5% minoxidil (Rogaine) twice a day.

BUT - I'm not feeling as great with the f*!#-ing Propecia/Rogaine as I was feeling taking testosterone straight all those years ago.

My crotch is smelly, which it NEVER was (disgusting, I know, but we're talking openly here, right).
My scalp and behing my ears is red almost like from a sun allergy.
I am feeling tired.
And not as horny/energized as usual by the testosterone.

Is there ANY real alternative to Propecia/Rogaine.

And so many people tell you real horror stories about what Propecia will do to you that it almost sounds like those of us taking it are like those guys in the 60s who still believed that smoking wasn't bad for your health.

I'm also scared of the depression.

Is there ANY other product that would allow me to hang on to my hair while raising my low T? Given that I have a genetic predisposition toward hair loss? (but also given that, without testosterone supplementation, I lose no hair)

Or is that like someone wanting to gain muscle mass asking: is there any way other than steroids or hgh? (my experience: there isn't. The right protein/amino acid might give you a 2% edge. Creatine might give you a 8% edge. But steroids will give you a 1000% edge.)

But is there at least something like creatine around? Topical spironlactone? Tricomin spray? As peddled by ***************** (always skeptical of forums with shops…)

Or is there something else around?

Or am I full of shit and propecia/rogaine is fine, and I just have to stick with it (I've been on it for two weeks only).

Just don't want to wreck my life.

Please don't point me to other threads/sites. Please give answers here in posts, if you have them. Would be very grateful.



07-11-2015, 09:39 PM
Hello and welcome... Did you doctor put you on testosterone because you were showing SYMPTOMS of low T or simply because your test results were low? Spiro and tricomin are kinda like dirty words here. They are treatments that have showed NO real evidence, so I wouldn't even bother. Propecia and rogaine are definitely your best bet, as they are most proven treatments. Some people are convinced that self made formulas such as "RU" and "OC" are good topical antiandrogens, and while the science is solid, I have not seen TOO many positive results from these. Additionally, you have to order all the stuff and mix it yourself and it can be very expensive. YES, you should stick with propecia and minox. For most, including myself, the body adapts and the side effects slowly wear off.

07-11-2015, 10:23 PM
Thanks very much, jamesst11, that's an encouraging and smart response. Appreciate it.

07-12-2015, 01:26 AM
Yes, only propecia (finasteride) and rogaine (minoxidil) work. But not with everyone. Some show regrowth, some see the hairloss slow down and with some it doesn work.

If you are afraid of propecia side effects you can start with half the pill (0.5mg) per day for a few weeks an then go to the recommended 1mg per day.

07-12-2015, 10:22 AM
More T is going to cause you to go bald faster. I dont see the alternative to propecia except accepting MPB. Might be other options in a few years

01-24-2016, 11:25 AM
Don't know but I can say red Korean seaweed works for hair loss