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Michael Vories, MD
07-10-2015, 06:48 AM
This patient received 5200 FUE Grafts in 2012, and returned in January of 2015 for an additional 2000 FUE Grafts focused in the frontal forelock. Here are photos taken by the patient this week for his 6 month post-op from his most recent procedure. I like this case because it shows that large procedures can be accomplished with FUE. This patient will be going to the Chicago ISHRS meeting to attend the Live Patient Viewing Exhibition. There physicians can critically examine his scalp to assess recipient growth and visible donor scarring (or lack thereof). All grafts harvested and placed by the physician.

07-10-2015, 11:58 AM
That's a really nice result. This guy must be thrilled!

11-22-2015, 01:16 AM
I spoke with an IAHRS surgeon about 18 months ago, who shall remain nameless, and discussed both FUT and FUE. He estimated 3200-3500 grafts.

When I discussed the different procedures, he indicated 3500 FUE would make the sides and back of my head look bald.

From this picture, I beg to differ...