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07-09-2015, 01:45 AM
Hey guys!

How are u?

I have some questions about my current hairsituation and some infos on my planing and my 'failed' transplant one year ago.

So lets go (;

My balding area is exactly 135cm2 'big'.
I have a very small top of head but a veeeery big donor area.. Looks crazy when i shave it down :D
95% of my balding is on top and 5% goes into the very beginning of the crown.. Where the curl is. U can see it in the pictures..
On Fin since 1,5 years and it stabled my loss a lot (!)
There is fine hair all over my NW pattern which thickened up under Fin a bit!
So i guess Fin is a must have for me.

Based on the pics what do u think..
Nw5A or full blown NW6.

I have an avarage donor density of 80FUs/cm2 and had a bad FUT transplant a year ago with 1200 grafts.. Bad idea..
I mean the grafts grow in but 1200 grafts on the frontal area.. Is not doing anything for me.

I guess i will need around 4500+ to have a nice illusion of hair..
I do not expect miracles and a full head of hair..
But it should be dense in the frontal third and not bald behind if u know what i mean...
What should i expect with 4500 grafts from a top surgeon..
What is the way to go for me?
Is it a hopeless fight?.,

Hope for your responses :)!

All the best!


Edit: i will post some more pics after work.

07-09-2015, 02:09 AM
Hey man, you seems to have good donor hair I wish I had the same :)
What is your age?

Yes you could have a quite decent result with 4000/5000 grafts, and you tell medication is working for you for the moment, so if you older than 25/30 i think you could live some years with a good result that you like. It won"t be full density but enough to be happy with. You could also think about smp to add density illusion (or simply hair fibers)

It is not a hopeless fight for you compared to other cases
Just be careful to choose a top surgeon, it is important. Where do you live? Are you okay for travelling?

07-09-2015, 08:25 AM
Thanks for your respond!

I think i will go to Hasson or Erdogan..

Good point for me is, that my top of the head is that small..
I hope this will benefit my results..

My goal with 4500 grafts is a good density in the front (no concealers there...it should be dense enough to hide all the scalp in this region) and an acceptable crown.. My crown is very small.. So some dermatch or toppik.. And it will look brilliant..
Maybe i can touch the crown up some years later but for now that would be enough!

Im 31 years old.
All the best!

MSP dor thickening.. Im not sure how well this works..

07-09-2015, 09:13 AM
Yes It could be really good result with those surgeons, and your characteristics. If hair loss don' t progess faster , you will have a decent hair cut for some years and hopefully until there's better treatments.

I see good results of densified smp in the crown or combo SMP/FUE, but it depends your hair and skin color
Good luck man if you finally choose to go this route, and keep coming update when you'll do

07-10-2015, 12:31 AM

I will do it for sure!
And i will post it here :)

All the best!

07-10-2015, 01:36 AM
Ah.. One question left..

I have a donor density of 80FUs/cm2 and medium fine light brown to dark blonde hair..
So the 50% rule would mean that i have ful coverage and no see through under most conditions..
So the hair is covering the skin.
This in my case should mean i need 40FUs/cm2. If i can get a result between 41FUs-50FUs i should be fine?...
In the hairline maybe a 55 density because only single hair FUS were taken to it..

What do u think about that?

All the best

07-10-2015, 08:54 AM
Yes, I would go with a higher density in the hair line as this will give the illusion of much more hair, especially if you wear your hair up. MAKE SURE, you find a GOOD, REPUTABLE, IAHRS doc and do thorough, thorough research and even request to see a couple of their previous patients in person. In my opinion, your hair is perfect for an HT. Do your research and keep your expectations real.

07-26-2015, 01:54 AM
Hey guys!

I want to inform you that i will have a FUE procedure with 4500 grafts and i choose Dr. Koray.
The journey starts very soon.. April the 18.
Im so excited..
Maybe this can give me some confidence and life quality back.. I bag for it..
I really do..

Im not completely bald on top as you can see and Finasteride seems to working.. The hair on top is longer and looks a bit healthier. Donor area stays the same which is a good thing i think because i have high sides..

So 4500grafts+1300 from my first (not bad transplant, bit way to less coverage for the area) is a total of 5800 grafts.. I think i will defenitely have some shockloss but lets say 10FUs/cm2 will stay there on top because Fin helped them so much.
Bald area is ~135cm2. 5800/135=~43 Fus/cm2 all over plus the 10FUs that i hope will stay on top is a total of 53FUs/cm2. As i have a donor density of 80FUs/cm2 53FUs/cm2 is MUCH more then 50% and so it should be a good result if everything goes right with the transplant. My hair is fine or medium fine i guess, but the skin hair contrast is good, because my hair is light brown and thats a good contrast i think.

I will try to relax now and look forward to August 18th.

I will DEFENITLY post until im one year post OP. I promise!

I already searched for guys with fine hai maybe a little bit like my situations.
I will post two or three links below..
Do you think j can get a result like this?
That would be so great.
Im happy with a not that dense crown. It should look natural there and NOT bald.

So please watch the videos and tell me if i can get something like this..

48 micron hair and it looks fine.. Maybe his crown area is a bit bigger then mine.

45 micron of hair and more loss than i have.

50 micron of hair. Interesting case for me as it seems his bald area is in the near of mine.

I think my hair is between 40 and 50 micron.
What do you think based on my pictures?

And this results in the videos... Is this a realistic goal? I think its nice density and as you can see the crown is always a bit thinner.

All the best guys!

Edit: any ideas how i can relax now and let it happen ��
Because im everyday on the hairlossforums.. But i have made my descision based on my research so im done now.. Hard thing ^^

07-26-2015, 08:43 AM
Hello Noob21 !!

07-26-2015, 09:01 AM
Hallo too? :,D

WHTC Clinic
07-28-2015, 06:46 PM
I have an avarage donor density of 80FUs/cm2 and had a bad FUT transplant a year ago with 1200 grafts.. Bad idea..

The goal should be based on donor availability and your desired hairstyle. Could you possibly post preoperative photos and postoperative photos? Also, how wide and long is the donor scar?

07-29-2015, 02:26 AM
My donor is in good shape.
The scar is fine.. And not that long.
But i never get some after pictures :/ thats bad..

The density in the frontal region is between 15-25FUs/cm2..
I think if a can have 50FUs/cm2 and comb it all back or to the side it will look good..

What do you think on my case?
Doc said, that i have 7000 grafts left