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07-03-2015, 03:27 AM
Bit of a back story, I'm currently 21 turning 22 soon. I've had a receding hairline as far back as i can remember but always wore my hair long and covered it easily, now my hair is thinning rapidly to the point I'm having trouble hiding it. I decided to bite the bullet and go to my GP for a 1 month prescription of Propecia. So far not much has changed, as expected, maybe some more thinning. I also have nizoral but haven't really been sticking with it, although I intend to use it every 3rd day now.

Ive been through this before where my hair was thin, then during the winter it grew quite long and thicker quickly. And I tried to think back to anything at the time that may have caused this.

Only thing I could think of was that my lips were riddled with cold sores around autumn/winter 2014 and I drank pure orange juice all the time and took L-lysine tablets as these are supposed to combat the virus inside. The bottle recommended one tablet per day (1000mg) but as annoyed as I was I took 2 of these per day. I did a quick google search and there are a few reports suggesting that lysine actually helps Propecia to do it job more effectively. So maybe there is some link here if anyone can shed any light on that please?

Ive only been taking Propecia 1mg daily but I have a regimen plan here that I might start:


Propecia 1mg
Lysine (1000mg) -- may up this to 2000mg like during winter 2014 (maybe the higher does works)
Glass of pure orange juice


Magnesium capsule (500mg)


Zinc (50mg)
Multivitamin & Iron (14mg Iron)

I also try to drink as much water as I can throughout the day, cutting out most fizzy drinks. Also read some theories on how NoFap can help stunt hairloss, and say what you want but I believe there is a correlation between excessive masturbation and hair loss. So I am trying to cut down on this as much as possible although finding it difficult to be honest.

I have also bought Regaine Foam on its way to me now but I might leave it a while to see how effective the Propecia works by itself, therefore eliminating cost of regaine in the long run. Considering throwing a fish oil and biotin capsules into the mix there too, probably around midday just to spread them.

And as I said before Nizoral 2% trying to use every 3rd day now.

Using hair filling fibre GoFybr, or Nanogen, these are great and really fill in my thin patches and provide that bit extra confidence I really need.

Can anyone shed any light or even just their opinion on this regimen? I really can't lose my hair. Ill accept it maybe when I'm 30 but not so young at this age. My confidence is really going down the drain along with my hair. Please someone help.

07-03-2015, 12:38 PM
Your regiment is perfect brother. I would definitely add in minoxidil once a day, as it works synergistically with Fin. Stay on fin, especially if you don't have sides and BE PATIENT. The hair growth process is painfully slow and depressing. Your hair grows 1/4-1/2 per month, and with fin and minox, you will be cycling your hair from anagen (growing) to telogen back into anagen with a hopefully stronger thicker hair fiber. That's why many people fail by coming off this meds too soon, or after seeing a shed. It can take 4-6 months for hair to just stop falling and 8-12 for noticeable regrowth. Hang in there and be patient. DON'T add a bunch of unnessacary crap. Fin, Minox, nizoral (1-2) times per week and a good organic meal shake is what I recommend to help speed up the process a little bit (I use raw meal, this stuff is friggin awesome).