View Full Version : Is this person's parting too wide? Is he balding? What NW?

07-03-2015, 01:12 AM
One of my friends asked me to post here if he is balding or not... please give suggestions..he is very scared.. he is also my age only, that is 18. he wants to know also what stage he is in.

Please note that he has oiled his hair up in this picture and that is why his hair is so greasy..


07-03-2015, 01:19 AM
anyone reply please

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07-03-2015, 02:55 AM
Hard to judge from one picture, from one angle without any knowledge of family history or his early hair.

07-03-2015, 03:03 AM
How does it look like is all he wants to know. He's too scared to post here.

07-03-2015, 03:06 AM
His mom side no baldness but father started balding at above 40 now 50 above nw4 His grandpa above 50, but only little Crown.

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07-03-2015, 05:30 AM
No comments? Any docs?

07-03-2015, 06:23 AM
How does it look like is all he wants to know. He's too scared to post here.
Looks alright

07-03-2015, 07:22 AM
What nw trentblastoise? I told him it is not balding but he doesn't take my word for it. please tell NW level... thanks

07-03-2015, 12:30 PM
If he is afraid of posting better pics here, then there is no use on this forum. The picture obviously doesn't show ANY sign of balding, so you won't get many replies here. Post better pics or tell him to consult a dermatologist or hair specialist.

07-03-2015, 01:52 PM
Looks allright... maybe slight thinning in the temples... could just be a maturing of hairline or NW 1,5-2... Hairline look and hair look dense... More pictures if you want a better analysis

07-03-2015, 01:55 PM
Looks like maturing of the hairline or maybe norwood 1,5.. otherwise hair look pretty dense

07-03-2015, 05:44 PM
Idk Becken, he looks like a NW1 to me. I'll ask him for more pics but I don't see any thinning that you're talking about. The hair is greasy because of oil and there is a hard part of Hair. I don't see thinning and I think it's a NW1. Anyone else has views on the NW?

07-03-2015, 06:55 PM
Becken *

07-04-2015, 04:16 AM
Is he 18 too like you?

Anyways, I don't see a problem. Notcoolanymore will probably ask you to leave if he sees you posting pictures without signs of baldness.

07-04-2015, 04:23 AM
I think there should be a rule where if you are asking people if you're balding, you need to include at least front view, left, right and from the back.

From this one picture this guy looks like he has a solid NW1 with zero hair loss. But you know I can post one side of my head and it looks great.

07-04-2015, 06:07 AM
I would like a dense hair like that on the picture again... so i dont understand the panic... my temples receded major when I was 17-18

07-04-2015, 10:46 AM

here are more pics he sent me. same grease. yes lelma, he is 18 years only like i am.

07-04-2015, 10:48 AM
JayM please check these above photos

07-04-2015, 11:04 AM
You can safely go back to the dude and tell him he has no signs of balding in these pictures. Tell him if baldness runs in the family then to just keep an eye on it and he should be fine :)

07-04-2015, 03:47 PM
here are more pics he sent me. same grease. yes lelma, he is 18 years only like i am.

He's using too much grease that 's why it looks , to him, that his hair is thinning

07-05-2015, 11:48 PM
Thank you for the reply JayM. I have told him and I have shown him your replies... Baldness does run in his family but the males experienced it only later in their lives like above 40-45.

DAVE52, I shall tell him not to use that much grease then!