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07-02-2015, 11:56 PM

First of all its not about advertisement or selling product :D. Also I do not do it so please you too don't do it on this thread.

I have created this thread because upto almost 4 months back I was struggling to get an answer to my hair loss problem :mad:. I was afraid of using any new thing or medicine as have already used a lot.

But its in beginning of this year almost in late jan 15 I met one of my relative after an year or so and got surprised to see that he almost not only reclaimed his hair but also its through minimum efforts.:rolleyes:

I got no late and started exactly what he has done. So in the first week of feb my journey started and its four months now I am thanking him to come to my home that day. Guess what !!!!! yes it works .

So forget all medicine and chemicals. stick to natural way of re growing hair.

Only you need is patience and commitment.

next post I will share a bit of info on what and how to do it. follow it. Again saying its not advertisement so all those advertisers please excuse.


07-05-2015, 11:29 AM
Hi friends,

As promised I am putting some of the methods I am using and yes it works. The things I use are readily available in home so you should not have any excuse of why not to do it now !

so first one I started with was

Hot Oil Therapy

You can use any oil as I use coconut oil. Boil the oil for about 5 minutes and leave it to get cool down and reach room temperature.

Now you yourself give massage using fingers and not thumbs to the scalp.

Give massage for about 20 to 25 minutes. Now put a bath cap on head and keep it for one hour. After an hour rinse off the hair with warm water.

Do it at least thrice a week.


Another use of coconut is to Cut the coconut into pieces, grind them, filter the milk from it
then apply over the scalp stay in same way for an hour to two and rinse off.

The fine tissue nourishing properties will makes your hair strong and you can notice the less hair fall with this tip.


Give massage to your head every alternate day. Massage induce the circulation of blood. A good blood circulation promotes activeness of hair follicles.


One must drink enough water as it will wash away the toxins present in our body and blood which makes the hair follicles weak and gives rise to hair fall.

Now these were the few steps along with others which I am doing on routine and I am benefitted a lot from them.

just running behind different solutions without knowing exact problem is sure to lost. These are time tested methods and I recommend people with hair loss problems to first act to stop hair loss and then think about re growing the lost hair.

Try it for a week and I am sure you will be having a good report to share with me. Rest until next post.