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07-02-2015, 05:24 PM
Hey everyone I'm Alexio, 23 years old from Italy and I wanted to come here to share my story. I thought by doing so it would help others who are depressed about their hair loss, know that there are effective solutions out there and we should be super grateful for that.

Now I want you to look at the two pictures I posted below. I do look like I have a lot of hair right? Well all the hair on top of my head is not mine. This is what we call a "hair system".

I started loosing hair when I was 17 and by the time I was 20, I had extremely thin hair on top and an obvious receding hairline. Luckily the sides weren't receding much. When I was 14-15 years old I was known as the kid with a lot of hair. It was really thick and dense. So it was extremely depressing to realise that I shouldn't have taken it for granted... I thought they were no good solutions... Until a friend of mine told me his 28 year old brother has been wearing a hair system for 5 years. He showed me pictures and I was like ""Oh my god!! How can this be a wig?? It looks like his real hair!!"". I even saw him in person and couldn't believe it... So, few months later I decided that I wasn't gonna let my hair loss destroy my hapiness and my confidence, and I bought my first hair system. Its a bit hard to get used to it and to know how to properly take care of it, but once you become good at it, you can make it look very natural. I have been wearing a hair system for 3 years now and I got nothing negative to say about it. I've met people who didn't know me before the hair system, and they have no idea it's not my real hair. I often receive compliments about how good my hair looks. I have a girlfriend and I told her I was wearing a hair system and she doesn't care. I've read posts on here about guys fearing that girls they are dating would break up with them because of that, and let me tell you, if a girl can't accept the fact you are wearing a hair system, and if she can't understand that it's very important to you, then she's stupid and isn't worth your time.

When it comes to the price, my hair system is costing me 500$ USD and I get a new one every 6 months. So in 1 year it's 1000$. I can totally afford that, and having confidence is priceless!!

(By the way I know some of you guys might wanna see how I looked like before, but I can't even find pictures of me without a hat at 17-18-19-20 years old... this shows how much I truely hated my hair hahah)

And don't hesitate guys... Hair systems are amazing and they give instant results. Just make sure you are patient enough to learn how to properly take care of them!!

07-02-2015, 07:14 PM
I forgot to add that I've had a small hair transplant on my temples to make my hairline appear rounder

07-03-2015, 06:14 AM
Thanks for your post. Your hairpiece looks really good! It is tooper, not fullcap, am I right? How often do you reattach it? Don't you have any problems with diffrent activities like working out? Do you buy your units via Internet or in a local shop? Hairpieces may look incredibly natural nowadays, it's good to know that there is this kind of solution. However, I kind imagine get used to live with it and with the necessity of maintenance. But of course life with hairpiece is always better for me than life with bald head...
You wrote that you had small HT? Just out of curiosity, you didn't want to do bigger HT instead of wearing a piece?

07-03-2015, 06:59 AM
HELLO Alexio

This was a very good posting of yours!
I am so glad to see that you had made a conscious DECISION to NOT ALLOW your hairloss to disrupt your life!
'Hair Systems' have advanced SO MUCH over the years.
Spencer Kobren makes mention of this on his Live Show for a reason...
It CAN BE WORTH WILL for, especially a young man, to seriously consider a
(21 century science) Hair System rather than surgery.
There is always a percentage of a chance that hair transplant surgery could go badly, even if your connected to a leading HT Doctor. Nobody being at fault either.

Alexio made a very good conscious DECISION for himself!
It is all a matter of realistic ACCEPTANCE TOO guys.

Alexio those photos look GREAT! Good for you bro!!

07-03-2015, 04:34 PM
Hi Arieux. You are right it is a topper. I dettach/reattach every 4-5 days. I work out 3 times a week and the hair system is not causing me any problems with that. I buy the units in a local shop in Rome, Italy. Hair systems are becoming quite popular here actually.

When it comes to the maintenance, it's really not that bad. Some people say they don't want to deal with the maintenance, but seriously, I wasted SO MUCH energy and time worrying about my hairloss, so, no matter how many hours per week I need to take care of my hair system, it's 100% worth it.

Good question about the HT. The reason why I didn't get a hair transplant on the top of my head is because, yes, I would've had most of my hair back, but further hair loss would've happened eventually (since I'm not interested in medication because of the possible side effects), and I didn't want to go through the stress of seeing more and more hairloss every month and already wondering about when I should book another hair transplant. I just wanted to be done with this for good. With a hair piece, I can order the density I want, style it how I want to, etc... And it's guaranteed results. Nature and genes don't have the control anymore, I have it now. It feels great to be in control and to know that I will always have hair on top of my head, as long as I decide to.

Artista, thank you for your kind comment!

07-09-2015, 04:34 PM
It would be good to see your pics / videos when you reattaching your hairpiece to see how dramatically it changes your look. Perhaps you would convince more people to use those.

07-09-2015, 04:56 PM
Hey I am very happy for you as this would be my last option and your hair system looks superb, I have seen good systems fitted In the UK in person and when done right they look real!!

Any more details where you purchase your systems?