View Full Version : Thinning Under Certain Light

07-02-2015, 11:16 AM
I have already posted as I am fairly sure I am balding slowly or maybe just have a high hairline, however the situation is such: I recently buzzed my hair to a 4 on top 1 on side so i can get used to the whole bald look but what has taken my attention is that under a light or even outside my scalp is practically invisible however this morning I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror whilst the bathroom light was off and some natural light was coming through the window and as I angled myself I was basically diffuse bald, you could see almost the entirety of my scalp not just in areas but all over providing I held my head so that it faced the light and had the bathroom light off. However I then turned the bathroom light on again and looked at the same exact angle and I could hardly see my scalp and everything looked fairly thick, Am i still defuse thinning or not? Im confused because providing the light is more general such as sunlight or standing under a light that isn't too close my head doesn't seem that thin at all but if its concentrated light then i almost go bald, does this seem normal?