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01-12-2010, 07:49 PM
Hello everyone. I am 34 year old man and about 3.5 years ago my wife told me I am shedding hair on my pillow and I did not believe her. I thought it was because I used hair gel. Then I looked at my crown and could see my hair was getting thinner up there quickly so I reacted quickly and got a prescription for propecia, 1 mg daily. I took propecia for a total of 6-8 months and felt it was controlling the hair shedding.

Almost 2 years ago I stopped taking propecia because it was affecting my libido(sex drive) and also experienced slight larger nipples(gynecomastia) so then I stopped taking it. Since then I started to use nizoral and revita shampoo I alernate using them every other day however despite using these shampoos I still am getting thinner hair up on my crown.

I tried saw palmetto supplements and that also affected my libido.

I heard about laser treatments from a clinic HLCC and graft surgery where they can implant my own hair in my scalp. I also heard about rogaine but not sure if it will help me or not?

Please give me some advice to stop my hair loss! My goal is to regrow my hair thicker as it used to be and maintain it as well. Please see the photo and let me know your thoughts and what I should do?

01-13-2010, 12:46 AM
If you are going to see a surgeon you should check with an IAHRS surgeon first. It doesn't sound like you know much about hair transplant surgery so you should really take some time to learn about the surgery before jumping in to it. There is great information on this site.
The best way to stop your hair loss is with Propecia, but if you have sides you might try to take maybe 1/2 a tablet per day. Spencer Kobren talks about that on his show. It works for some men and lowers the risk of side effects.