View Full Version : 2814 grafts in one session - 8 months post op by Dr. Scott Alexander Phoenix AZ

07-01-2015, 11:47 AM
This is a patient who came into our clinic with miniaturized hair throughout the front and also thinning hair throughout the back. We rebuilt the front by transplanting in between the existing miniaturizing hair back to the middle part of his head. Also we thickened up his temporal angles. The back was treated with Propecia and Rogaine.
He had a total of 2814 grafts
652 singles
1963 doubles
199 multis


07-01-2015, 12:38 PM
This is a very impressive result. I like how you focused on adding density to what was already there and didn't waste grafts creating some juvenile hair line. It looks like his existing hair maintained well too. Couple of questions -

1) how are you guys so careful as to not transect existing follicles in the recipient area? Is there any way to monitor this? Will you even perform an HT if the patient is not on finasteride?
2) Do you perform FUE, and if so, what is the size of the punch?
3) I am one of those that recieved an HT WAY too early on in my hairloss, by a big chain clinic. They transplanted only into the left temple region and in the middle scalp hair line area. I am now left with diffuse thinning every where, with a left and middle side consisting of transplanted hair too far apart. I started fin about 4 months ago.... With diffuse thinning, and existing transplants, would you guys normally take on a patient like this?

I ask this because I have heard wonderful things about you and this clinic and I LOVE Arizona. I may be considering an HT in the next 6-8 months after I have stabilized with fin. Thanks for your advice.

07-02-2015, 01:39 AM
Hello Jamesst,

Thank you for you comments.

Shaving the recipient area down is beneficial and helps avoid transection of existing follicles along with precise incisions for the new FU. Dr Alexander is very meticulous in his work and takes a great deal of time when creating the new incisions in order to avoid harming any existing hairs.

Dr Alexander recommends patients stabilise ans strengthen their situation with finasteride prior to HT however it is not a prerequisite it just very much depends on the individual patient.

Yes Dr Alexander performs FUE via the SAFE system and also via ARTAS

Dr Alexander has helped many previous patients requiring further work who previously went to big chain clinics so he can certainly offer his advice ands opinion - Please feel free to email me pictures support@spexhair.com if you wish whenever ready and I can gladly obtain his personal opinion for you.