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06-30-2015, 01:50 PM
Hi guys, O.K I never ever blog but I am about to go through this operation on my own, so I am Going to need some support moving forward. I have chosen two clinics, Private clinic ( LONDON ) and and Zeiring, why Zeiring, well it was hit or miss, as they reside in the hospital group which we all know has poor reviews, however leemanual on here, I have followed his journey and seen his ups and downs. And thankfully his result was a happy one in the end, and he looks good. Dividing the two companies apart I will be making my final decision tomorrow, I have chosen to visit Harley street, advised by Spenx - Private clinic London Dr Reddy and FUE clinics. I have decided to research all surgeons before my operation because my first choice was a bad one? I started off with the... private clinic Birmingham, Michail Mouzakis was sold to me by a representative as a plastic surgeon and a bapras registrar by the clinic manager Amy - with a number of cases, however when I checked the the GMC board, he was not a qualified Plastic surgeon but only a clinical fellow in London, His membership to Babras had expired 2014' and his previous company DHI did not speak favourably claiming he only has 4 months experience, although doctors are registered with a licence to practice, some claim to specialise in a certain field, if this is the case they would be qualified and have a specialist entry. So beware of this. A lot of doctors can specialise privately without entry If the case it's your on your better judgment to ask for qualifications and genuine proof, unfortunately, all I got shown was phone pictures and to ask a patient who has just had it done.. So I did I met him - nice guy but lol lol lol - this turned out to be a personal friend of the surgeon who was operated on as case study to the doctor to boost his port folio, his treatment had been done for free. It gets better.. Some Doctors are looking to boost personal revenue streams by adding case studies to there armoury. Unfortunately for me this turned out to be the case, when I questioned further, the representative got all defensive and tried to backtrack, she even went as far to say, that I misunderstood her and then raised the deal breaker question... if they were the right clinic to treat me. Well that wasn't a decision that she had the privilege of making on this instance as the saga speaks for itself - some clinics will also try to sell you in hairs, ask for grafts Also ask simple questions that should bypass their claims, I did and it probably saved myself an ordeal, I'm all for doctors gaining experience, I get that but don't claim that they are more than they are To qualify the úthousands they want to make on you, be honest - simple request that consultants bypass, Because I will check the backgrounds of every surgeon I speak too. Always do your research, I'm Still not certain where to go until tomorrow. But if I do all the checks now I can advise you guys moving forward and advise you all accordingly, Keep you posted everyone... baldylocks where's my hairs !!!

11-24-2015, 03:36 AM
Hi Diston. Thanks for sharing all this information. I am in the same place as you were, having spoken with Birmingham clinic. What was the guys name they gave you to talk to as I think they might have done the same thing with me. Where did you end up going?

09-12-2016, 02:09 PM
Just read your post. I am looking in into surgery and was going to see the surgeon in birmingham you mentioned as i am based in birmingham. I don't think i wii
I will now. What is the latest with yourself? Any positive inquiries?
It is a big step and hard to get straight answers unless your a celebrity.
Please keep me informed as any real people's experiences are more real.
Kind regards and all the best