View Full Version : How to get quality RU58841 powder? need advice!

06-30-2015, 06:38 AM
Hello everyone, i'm new here while hairloss has tortured me for a few years. I believe i'm at least NW2 and has been seeking for an effective low side drug to regrow my hair. I'm asian and just trying to get more information from overseas. English is not my mother tongue. Hope you are OK with my wording.

Recently I find that RU58841 seems to be an instantly effective topical drug for hair according to the comments from several forums. I'm seriously considering the possibity of buying RU58841 powder and diy the topical drug. Some concerns about how to avoid fake RU58841 powder popped up and I need advice or sharing of experience from RU58841 users here.

1.What is the terms of payment you prefer to buy powder from its supplier? Is there any risk that you pay in advance while the supplier doesn't send anything to you? How to lower such risk?

2.When the powder arrives, does any valid certificate of chemical composition comes along with so that the supplier is legally bonded? How do you make sure the supplier doesn't send you fake or bad powder? Since individual users don't buy a lot at one time, a third party test for everytime is not economic.

Please kindly share your experience with me. Thank you!