View Full Version : Genetic lottery: Your hair-loss versus your family history of hair-loss

06-27-2015, 09:40 AM
Hi all,

Quick survey/question for commentators here.

1. Did you have hair-loss but your siblings/parents did not? Or the opposite (they had hair-loss but it doesn't seem like you will?)

2. When did your hair loss intensify? For example, I'm 30, and I'm noticing thinning in the front at a fast pace...

06-27-2015, 10:17 AM
My hairline receeded quickly at 19, then has progressed more slowly. My father progressed in this fashion and didn't diffuse thin until his late 60s. My maternal grandfather receeded quickly and diffused thinned in his 30s. Time will tell for me which side I favor.

All of my maternal grandfather's male children had great hair. One was a legit NW0 until death. Some of the female children have female pattern baldness. None of their children are showing signs of baldness except one which had a NW6 father but his brother is not. My maternal grandmother had thick, black hair her whole life.

My older brother has receeded slightly but not to my degree. My older half-brother lost in his in the front.