View Full Version : Fin having confusing effects on shedding.

06-27-2015, 08:03 AM
for 1.5 years - everyday, shedding everywhere. Pull test reveals an average loss of 20-30 hairs in front and mid... 30-40 in crown EVERY DAY

After fin for last 3.5 months - Frontal / mid loss - pull test reveals 3-10 hairs per day on average... crown still 30-40.

I imagine some of you can become annoyed by people posting every little detail about their hair loss. Additionally, I understand that this might not mean much given the intricacy of the hair's cycles and the mechanisms of fin.
I am just curious if anyone has noticed such a reduction in shedding in the mid and frontal regions after hopping on finasteride... Any theories as to why regions of the scalp are effected so drastically different from others? Who can help explain that. Is it something to do with prevalence and abundance of androgens or androgen receptors in different areas?