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06-24-2015, 09:46 AM
I know most of you here are boys, which makes me feel a bit lonely lol However, any help from you here will be appreciated. :)

My hair has been thinning since I was 14. At that time I lost around 60% of all my hair. It was the worst time of my life. I got really bullied in high school and I don't even know how I was able to keep moving on. However, after lots of treatments and different doctors I could get around half of what I lost back.
Now I am 22 and it just looks ok. It's just thinning all over my head but it's not THAT noticeable. However, no matter what I do, it just won't grow back.
Lately for some reason I started to get REALLY depressed about my hair loss. I am now studying and working abroad and I got a new boyfriend. All of this just puts me under a lot of stress and I can't stop thinking about my hair anymore, so I reckon I have to do something about it. I don't have many options though.

I am currently taking 5mg of Finasterida daily, a contraceptive and vitamin pills (such as Pantogar, etc). I also apply Minoxidil twice daily. It seems that NOTHING is working and I am just slowing down the progress.
I feel horrible as a girl not being able to style my hair as I wish. My hair is long, but I can't do much with it. My ponytail is so thin and I can't wear it down cause I have a lot of thinning on my crown. I LOVE long and thick hair and I've always dreamed about it.
I can't go out when my hair is wet cause then the patches get REALLY noticeable. It is stopping me from living. :(
My self esteem is now shit, even though I like my body and face. But my hair ruins EVERYTHING.
_______ *
- Medication treatment is not giving me any regrowth and I after 8 years of treatments I don't think I will get any improvement
- I can't do transplant either cause my thinning is all over my head, including the back of it, so my donor area is really poor and it is not worth it.
- I would NEVER wear a wig. I want to be free and wigs would make me feel like I am in a prison. Toppik and other stuff wouldn't make me feel comfortable either. Extensions and clipped toppers would **** my bio hair even more and they look too fake. I am searching for something more permanent.
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So I am thinking about getting a hair system. However it is hard to say goodbye to my hair. I know many of you guys hate the idea of shaving your heads, so imagine how it is to a girl. :( I don't think I have any other option though.
I know I will be saying goodbye to my bio hair forever (I was told that bonding in long term stops the hair from growing) and it hurts so much. :( But I can't keep living this way, so I think am ready to shave.

I know my boyfriend would support me on whatever I do and I try to tell myself I don't care about other's opinions but let's face the fact, guys, when it comes to wearing hair, we DO care of what others might think. I don't think I will try to hide it from people and I am actually planning to be open about it and tell everyone. But at the same time I don't want to face weird reactions (cause in fact I hide my hair loss very well and not many people are aware of it, so they would be surprised).

What guys think about girls who use hair systems? And how it is to use a hair system? Do you have any limitation on daily tasks?
I know it costs a lot on the long term and I know it requires maintenance weekly or every two weeks. But can you do sports with them? I sweat A LOT from my scalp and head (and I am even planning to get surgery for that - I also have hyperhidrosis :( so unlucky!). While I don't get surgery, will that be a problem? Will my system get loose? How long do your system lasts?

Any information will be good. I've read a lot about them, but I haven't found many wearers talking about them. Can I actually have a NORMAL LIFE wearing hair?

Thank you. :)

06-24-2015, 11:11 AM
Most good guys will date you no matter what. That being said, I am a man who constantly worries about thin hair (as most of us on here do) and I can imagine it is WAY harder for women. I don't know if I missed it in your post, but what condition are you suffering from that is causing this? Have you exhausted every option in terms of medication? I think it is TOTALLY acceptable to wear a hair system, especially for women, even for men. People spend hours taking care of their skin, their weight, their appearance in general. Why can't one do the same with their hair? If ANY man ever judged you based on this, then they are not worth your time to begin with. Being a woman and dealing with this has to be very emotionally frustrating, even devastating. good luck. :)

06-24-2015, 11:25 AM
Thanks jamesst11! I would also date a balding guy, but of course for you boys this is not a rare condition, so I was wondering how you guys react at that when it comes to girls.
I've never had problems with boys cause aside from that I think I look really good. The guys I've dated have never noticed it. I think it was just too noticeable from my 14's to my 17's. And I agree, we all get A bit obsessed about this stuff. Other people don't care as much about our hair.
I have female pattern baldness :( my dad is bald, his mum (my grandma) is bald and my mum has not much hair, so yeah, thank to my genes :( but I suffer from anxiety and depression, which worses the condition.
I know you guys think women care too much about it but if you know how to talk to women you can get any woman, no matter what, trust me. :) We are way more attracted by your confidence, not by your appearance. But I agree that we have to feel good about ourselves to have confidence. Have you ever tried a topper?

Thanks! :)

06-24-2015, 12:49 PM
There are millions of women out there with full caps - these tend to be the default for women. Less so with toppers, but it all depends the extent of your hair loss.

06-25-2015, 03:12 PM
I would have no issue dating a completely bald woman. Just my 2 cents. And I'm not bald myself.

For women I've seen, I feel like a full wig is has been more common than a partial piece. Does that make sense? I've seen women wear something because they were completely bald for one reason or another, but never because they had thin hair. Hope this is insightful.

06-27-2015, 02:08 AM
i would not mind dating a bald chick. It d b cool actually (:. I wish you luck for whatever path you choose. stay happy :D

07-05-2015, 05:28 PM
I would date a bald girl too if her charm is in her personality. :)