View Full Version : Hair transplant: How many grafts do you think I need?

06-20-2015, 12:19 PM
Hello! I am thinking about getting a small hair transplant on the sides to make my forehead more narrow. How many grafts approximatively do you think I need? Here is a picture with the area I want hair transplanted in. (same thing on both sides of course). And would the scar at the back be small enough that I could still have my hair short??

Thank you

06-20-2015, 03:29 PM
FUE, 400 and choose surgeon wisely.

06-20-2015, 03:33 PM
I am thinking you'll kill the native hair on your temple points and do more harm than good. You need to forget about a HT at this point.

06-20-2015, 03:50 PM
CaliD, how would that kill the native hair? If getting a hair transplant kills hair then why would people get one ...?? Doesn't make sense

06-20-2015, 04:10 PM
It shouldn't but there is a possibility. You have great hair that is no where near severe enough to warrant a HT. The risk isn't worth it with what you have. Temple points are complicated. Single hair grafts that if done wrong can look terrible. That's my opinion.

06-21-2015, 06:47 PM
None .

06-21-2015, 07:05 PM
DAVE52, well then let me rephrase my question: How many grafts would be needed to fill the area I circled?

12-23-2015, 12:54 AM
There is a saying ‘too little too late’, and ‘if only I knew back than what I know today’. I have had 4 hair transplantations, 2 with the FUT method here at home, and 2 with the S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) method at PHAEYDE Clinic, in Hungary. Actually, the result was visible after every one of my hair transplantations, but the big difference is that in the case of the FUT method, I had to return for stitch removal and it was much more painful, even though I took the painkillers, they were to no avail. If somebody says that the FUT method is good because the hair does not need to be cut, they should also consider that in this way the risk of infection is much greater. In my case, if we only count the day of the procedure, the FUT method was indeed shorter, but you also have to return for stitch removal. In the case of the FUE method this is unnecessary, because there is not any kind of stitching. Today I believe that I am done, I will never go for hair transplantation again for the rest of my life, but this is exactly what I said after the 2nd procedure. :) In reality there is always something to improve. One thing is certain: if I will ever have a 5th hair transplantation, it will surely be with the FUE method, or one that is even better than that, such as the S.H.E. (Single Hair Extraction) method, since such care must be taken when handling my pieces of hair that in my case no unusable hairs are acceptable.

12-23-2015, 02:02 PM
DAVE52, well then let me rephrase my question: How many grafts would be needed to fill the area I circled?

No idea
Just be prepared for further HT's in the future when you start losing more hair