View Full Version : Beware italian dermatologist Dott. Paolo Gigli - State attenti al Dott. Gigli

06-19-2015, 09:55 PM
What would you think about a doctor that controls almost all the hairloss forum in your country and when is caught to lie has the power to remove all the evidence everywhere in the italian speaking community?

I will think twice before trust him.

I found out that he lies to his patients in order to save his ass.

He is pretending that is compulsory by Italian law to sign a written informed consent in order to prescribe Finasteride.

I found out that, according to the Italian Medical Association, this is false.

When i showed him the evidence on the forum he quickly erased it and banned my account.

This is a clear sign of disloyalty and mala fides.

For the italians

Here the censured topic on IESON forum


Here what says the Italian Medical Association on the written informed consent