View Full Version : Point Those Lasers at Your Bone Marrow NOT Scalp

06-19-2015, 08:21 PM
The best place(lowest fat) bone is the tibia(shin bone). About 4 inches up from your ankle would be the best. LLLT will penetrate thru the skin and bone according to the patent. Try this if you havent gotten any results from normal scalp LLLT or need better results.


In embodiments of the present invention, bone marrow is irradiated in vivo in order to treat Alzheimer's disease. The irradiation may be performed by transcutaneous application or direct application (on the bone) of infrared laser radiation over the area of a marrow-containing bone. Alternatively, other radiation sources may be used, including both coherent and incoherent sources, at both IR and other wavelengths. Although transcutaneous irradiation has the advantage of being non-traumatic, the irradiation may alternatively be applied directly to the bone marrow using invasive techniques.

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It is concluded that LLLT application to the bone marrow (BM) causes a significant increase in the density of mesenchymal stem cells in the kidneys post-IRI, probably by induction of stem cells in the BM, which subsequently migrate to the IRI kidney, significantly reducing the pathological features of the kidney and increasing kidney function post IRI.