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06-15-2015, 01:22 PM

I am 23 yo guy from Russia.

I noticed that my hair recede about 3 years ago, did nothin about it because it was not that much noticeable. A year ago it became clear that I was going bald, so I started reading up on MPB and possible "cures", but still was not desperate enough to get on finasteride or minoxidil.
About a half a year ago my hair started shedding like crazy, about 70 hair while taking shower, let alone the rest of the day. So I bought minoxidil first, not sure about its efficacy, but as a side I got a puffy face (as if I've been drinking vodka for 5 days in a row). So I got off it. Then I started finasteride. Started with small dozes 0,2-0,3 g, still was getting some bad sides. Feeling of tiredness, decreased libido and chubby cheeks. Took it for a month and then dropped it.

Decised not to give up and bought some ru from Kane. Tje sides are much milder that those from fin. But still the amount of my semenahs decreased (halved) and I have some minor pain in the balls. Now I am worried that it can negatively affect my fertility and hath of my future children ( does anyone know a person having a child on ru???)

I also bought some eucapil (use it in the morning), biotin and nizoral shampoo. Use dermatoller from time to time as well.

Now the shedding seem to have stopped a bit, and I am not feeling so desperate as in the peak of it.

Now I am looking forward to cb or may be in some more distant future to hair multiplication lol. Btw, does CB have the same sides as Ru?

So that's about it. Nothing groundbreaking really, I have the same story as a lot of guys before, but frankly speaking I'd like to see a happier ending here :)