View Full Version : Can i try AAPE right after my HT surgery?

06-13-2015, 08:22 AM
Im going to have a 3000 grafts FUE for front and mildscalp in belgium soon.

I would like to try AAPE injections or at least ADSC injections after my surgery. How long do I have to wait you think? one week?1 month? 3, 6, 12?
It's a Swiss company who offer ADSC for hair growth.
Since it's scientifically proved in clinical trials that AAPE works for hair loss, I'm really interessed in it.

Im a big Norwood at 27 yrs old, so I think big FUE + Growth factor injections could be the key for my problem to live normally few years.

What do you think guys?

sorry for my English writting