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06-12-2015, 10:55 AM
I know a lot of you are working to restore your hair, which is fine if it makes you happy.

But how many of you have given shaving it off an honest try? I'm not talking about using a razor necessarily, but just grabbing some clippers and giving it a #1 or #2 buzz for awhile and seeing if you learn to dig it. It sure takes some getting used to, but after the initial shock, you may find that you actually like the style...

It took me some time, but I learned to love it. There are lots of good looking bald people out there. You can look great with a bald head along with a sense of style, an air of confidence, and a quick wit.

Good luck everyone :)

06-12-2015, 02:28 PM
Some people do, but I dont think most people come here for the accept it answer. Even if I looked decent bald I would still rather have the hair. I would also take hair along with muscles or whatever other alternative someone might suggest. Just me personally. Hair makes you look a lot younger for your age.

06-12-2015, 03:28 PM
I actually did the buzz cut for a while after my hair transplant. I wanted to wait until the new grafts started coming in before I let it grow back out so that it would all be uniform. I actually liked having a buzzed hairstyle for a few months - but definitely prefer the hair.

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