View Full Version : 3 month fin usage - questions

06-09-2015, 05:20 PM
Hey everyone,
I know some of you may be tired of these threads, but thought I'd share my experience. So I have been on finasteride now for about 3 months. I have been applying minoxidil for over 2 years. I use nizoral a couple times a week. In the past year, I have become pretty diffuse thin, especially in the MPB areas...

For those on you that have experienced POSITIVE results from fin, I would like to share my initial experience with a few questions and get some input.

- my sex drive fluctuates now: I can always get aroused, however, it's a bit more irregular. Also, watery semen...

- I have minor temporary itching from time to time, only in specific areas. I did not have this before

-I am shedding pretty heavy and just about ALL the hairs have white bulbs on the end.. reminds me of TE, WHICH I am scared to hell of, because I can't afford to lose any more hair. Then again, I have been shedding for a year straight. Now I shed more in specific areas... especially the crown.

-I have a TON of tiny little vellous hairs sprouting up everywhere... but have no idea if they will ever turn terminal

-how many of you have had similar effects at this stage on fin? Any input?