View Full Version : Am I balding and if so due to what?

06-06-2015, 12:18 AM
I'm an 18 year old male and I recently checked my hairline and it seemed to be slight receding in the temple area and none on the frontal. I don't think it's from genetics because my dad has a full head of hair at age 55 and my mom as well. My grandfather on my mothers side also kept a majority of his hair at the age he died at (75). I think it might be due to stress/anxiety and diet if that's possible. From April 2014 - May 2015 I was under severe anxiety and stress. My anxiety was a roller coaster I suffered from severe OCD and was housebound for one year. Every 3 hours on average I would go from high anxiety to none it was very polarizing (this truthfully lasted a year everyday). My diet and sleep suffered a lot too I would eat one meal a day and sleep as much as I could so I could escape the anxiety. Washing my hair, lots of hairs fell out (I have long hair) and it was freaking me out. I took a blood test and I had very low vitamin D. I'm finally free from OCD and I'm cured after a long battle and washed my hair recently and very little came out compared to last year, but I don''t know if my hairline is not balding, a maturing one, or if it's MPB due to stress or genetics. If I measure from the top wrinkle to the front of my hairline it's like 7mm and on my temples about 1.7cm. If my temples regrew I would have a straight hairline. I don't know if my hairline was straight before this OCD happened as I never paid attention to it.