View Full Version : Late 20s, start of MPB

06-03-2015, 12:52 AM
I am turning 29 in a few days. A year and three months ago, I decided to buzz my hair to a No. 2 which resulted in me noticing that my left corner of the temple is behind my right side. Looking back, a year prior to that when I had long hair with a bang, I did notice that I had some difficulties harmonizing the hair on the left corner if I styled my bang to the right, but I considered it a nuisance and never thought it was a receded temple.
My dad lost some of his temples during his mid 50s and is somewhere between NW1-2. It is barely noticeable when his hair is at a decent length. His brother, who is 4 years younger than him, is much worse. I dont know where he is on the Norwood scale as I have not seen him for 14 years, but when I asked my dad if there is any guys at his side of the family who is bald, and if there is, how bad. My dad said my uncle is bald and pretty bad-looking (he has no idea what Norwood scale is).
Two months ago, I had a No.3 cut and decided to take a few pictures for record. The first two pictures show the left temple. The third shows the right temple for comparison. The forth picture shows the entire hairline. Notice the left temple is carved in compared to the right. I have no idea how much this has progressed in the past two years since I didnt record.
Is this a normal part of getting older or is it the start of MPB