View Full Version : MPB and thyroid

06-02-2015, 10:09 AM
Hey guys I'm worried about my thyroid contributing to my male pattern hair loss, I don't think it's telegon effluvium. I feel like my low thyroid is really contributing to it. My hair looks dark on the sides and lighter on top and its diffusing around the top and my hairline has receded a lot.

I think my thyroid is playing a big part. Every time I feel exhausted or fatigued my hair is more likely to fall like I can pull a hair out easy. When I feel really fatigued I feel a really bad stinging sensation around the top of my head and around my hairline.

I'm afraid to start any thyroid meds because a lot of people say it caused hair loss and made their balding worse. My mom takes synthetic thyroid and she has a ton of hair falling out, but of course hers grows back. I have the same exact genetic makeup as my mom especially hair. I notice more hair falling out when I'm tired, but I don't have as much shed as other people I hear about on these forums, it seems that people here are finding 30-40 hairs. I've been looking when I shampoo and I barely find one if any at all. My hair is a really thin hair type so a lot of it might be hard to see but I really don't see any in my hair on the tub.

I heard balding comes from your moms side and I only have one bald uncle on my moms side, and her farther had the same hairline I have now. Both my grandfathers had thick hair when they passed with minor recession. My uncles on both side of my family have full heads of hair except one, and my father is also bald and that's about it. I feel like if I was meant to get bald it would at least happen later on because of my family history. I'm really thinking my thyroid is a big contributor towards my hair loss, because when I feel exhausted I get pale as a ghost and have really bad bags under my eyes and get dizzy and whoozy feeling and that's when I notice most of my hair fall and scalp pain/itching.

I don't know what else it could be but my thyroid, I eat a good diet, sleep 8-10 hours, try not to stress and try to exercise and stay active. I dont have any other medical problems except for anxiety and PTSD. My dr said he'd test my thyroid before giving me thyroid, but I feel like a lot of my thyroid problems come from stress and depression.